Maldives Work Visa Process (Quickest Processing Time)

Maldives Work Visa Process (Quickest Processing Time)

Typically, there’s no requirement to seek a Visit Visa when arriving in the Maldives for tourism, spanning 30 days, regardless of your country of origin. The Maldives extends a Tourist Visa on arrival to individuals of all nationalities. However, should your visit be for employment purposes, procuring a work Visa is mandatory. Engaging in entrepreneurial endeavors such as water activities, hotel positions, or restaurant ventures necessitates the application for a business visa.

A Maldives Work Visa allows foreigners to work and stay in the Maldives. If you plan to visit for business, you can apply for a business visa, which lets you enter the country multiple times temporarily. Your work visa application will be handled within 48 hours. We’ll provide details on visa types and what you need to apply.

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Types of Maldives Work Visas

  • Maldives Work Visa
  • Maldives Business Visa

1) Work Visa for Maldives

A person from another country can work in the Maldives if they have permission. They need a valid work permit from the Ministry of Economic Development for this.

2) Business Visa for Maldives

The business visa for the Maldives is a specific visa category enabling foreign individuals to visit the country for engagements related to business activities.

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Entry Requirements for Work Visa

  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least 1 year.
  • You need an Entry Pass that’s valid for up to 90 days from your arrival date.
  • Use the same passport mentioned in your Work Permit.
  • Include a copy of your Employment Approval.
  • Provide a recent passport-size photo of yourself.
  • If needed, show your Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.

How to Apply for the Maldives Work Visa?

To get a work visa, first, you need a work permit from the Ministry of Economic Development.

Your employer or their representative will submit the visa application for you. You’ll need the following documents:

  1. Passport of the employee.
  2. Passport size photo according to the photo standard and must be a recent photo).
  3. The employee must provide a medical health screening report from a Hospital/Clinic authorized by the pertinent government authority if deemed necessary.
  4. Submission Receipt of IM29 form (Generated from Xpat System), this is an online visa service.
  5. When your visa application is in “Ready for Submission State” in the online Xpat System, your employer should create an appointment to submit the passport for the visa.

Difference Between Maldives Work Permit and Work Visa

The Ministry of Economic Development in the Maldives gives out Work Permits for people who want to work there.

If you get a work permit, Maldives Immigration can give you a Work Visa. This visa lets people from other countries travel, live, and work in the Maldives.

Visa Cost

The Cost of the Maldives Work Visa is MVR50

Processing Time

The Visa application will be processed in 48 hours.

Official Website

The Maldives Immigration Department made a video explaining how to apply for a Maldives Work Visa online.



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