FAO Internship 2023 Without IELTS ($700 Stipend)
FAO Internship 2023 Without IELTS ($700 Stipend)

FAO Internship 2023 Without IELTS ($700 Stipend)

FAO Internship Program for 2023 is now started for application. Students can apply even if they don’t have an IELTS score. If you are selected as an intern, you will receive $700 every month as payment. This stipend will be given to you throughout the entire duration of the internship, which can last between 3 to 11 months. It’s a big amount of money that should help cover your all expenses. The FAO internship is open to people from over 130 countries, and it is organized by the United Nations.

FAO stands for Food and Agriculture Organization. It is a global organization that focuses on fighting hunger, improving nutrition, and getting enough food for people. They have an internship program that is open to students currently attending college or university, whether pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. Recent graduates can also apply. The internship gives me the opportunity to learn more about what FAO does and how it helps people. If you are interested in the FAO Internship Program 2023, you can find more details below.

Details About FAO Internship 2023

  • Host Organization: FAO
  • Location: Rome, Italy
  • Which students can Apply: Anyone (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. students)
  • Financial Coverage: $700 Stipend
  • Duration: 3-11 Months

Internship Location

FAO is headquartered in Rome, Italy. This means that most internship opportunities are based in Italy. However, internships are also available in places other than Italy.

Who can Apply?

Both men and women can apply for the internship. The applicants can be from any part of the world, and they have the option to apply online.

FAO Internship is a popular program like other internships such as UNDPUNESCOUNICEF

Financial Benefits

The FAO provides support to all interns. Here are the benefits they offer:

  • During the FAO internship, interns will receive a monthly stipend of up to US$700 in the local currency.
  • They will also be provided with medical coverage for any service-related needs.
  • The duration of the internship can range from 3 to 11 months.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nationality: Candidates must be nationals of FAO Members.
  • Education: People who have completed a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree, or those who have graduated, are eligible to apply.
  • Languages: IELTS is not required.
  • Age: Their age ranged from 21 to 30 at the start of the internship.
  • Family relation: If any of your family members, like your brother, sister, mother, or father, are working for the FAO in any type of job, you are not eligible to apply for the internship program.

FAO also offers a Volunteer Program for those who are interested.

How to Apply for the FAO Internship?

To apply for the internship, all applicants need to fill out an online application form. If you come across a “Call for Expression of Interest,” it means that these are the available internship opportunities that you can apply for.

In addition to the online application form, you will also need to upload a motivation letter explaining why you are interested in the internship. You should also provide evidence of your enrollment at a recognized university. You can find the official website link to the FAO Internship program below.

Visit here to apply for FAO internship 2023